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Lander Software Technology Co., Ltd (LanderSoft) is one of the leading suppliers for Cluster and Disaster Recovery Software in China.

Lander Software Technology Co., Ltd is not only a joint professional development to promote information security products and provide data security solutions, but also a leading information security service provider. The company was founded in 2000, mainly engages in high-end cluster, mainframe-protected products research, user system security safeguard, and system integration. Lander invested more than eight million yuan to concentrate on their own proprietary software products, sets up the domestically produced high-end system software brand. At present, our company has three product systems: LBCS (Lander Business Continuity Management System) LBMS (Lander Business Disaster Recovery Management System) LBSS (Lander Business Safeguarded Service System), covering the comprehensive high-end solutions for application guarantee, data security, and system service. Lander has become a domestically leading enterprise in the field of server cluster and data security, enhanced the core competitiveness of China's national software industry. LanderSoft is developed under the bottom of Unix, Linux, and Windows, so Lander has a rich experience in data security services and optimization of system performance.

LanderSoft professional and technical services accumulated rich experience in the aspect of hardware safeguard and guarantee technology services. Lander services have become a booster in the development of Lander. Through professional data security services, we will provide all-round support for the data security of information system of domestic enterprise users. Lander has set up professional technical service platform, including professional technical team, professional hardware testing environment, standard service flow, and scientific management system. Lander successfully provided large-scaled enterprise users with technical guarantee services, including Shanghai Municipal Social Security Bureau, the Shanghai Branch of China's petrochemical industry, Pudong International Airport and etc. In order to become one of the most competitive technology service firms in China, Lander is striving to make unremitting efforts.

LanderSoft has a strong technical support team, research team, and the leading domestic multi-platform testing development system environment. At present, the technical staffs account for more than 60 percent of the total number of employees. Our technical support departs spread all over the country, and core development teams are located in Shanghai and Beijing. All the engineers in technical department have several years' experience in large-scale projects, and most engineers have Oracle certification certificates or engineer certification qualification in HP, IBM high-end systems. All support engineers are familiar with the safeguard and management of UNIX, large-scale database, network security, have good technical skills and rich experience in customer service.

LanderSoft has a large number of users in the field of finance, insurance, post and telecommunications, government, hospitals and other industries, is the main technical support unit of Shanghai Database Users Association, has become well-known cluster products and data security solutions provider and data security service provider. Lander maintains a good relationship with major international IT industry-leading enterprises, and is the core business partners with HP, IBM, Oracle, Bakbone and etc.

LanderSoft business is found all over the country, for the moment, nationwide offices and technical service systems have been setup, including in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hunan, Fukien, Shanxi and so on. National sales management system has been formed in Lander, which will be better and more timely to response to customer demand.

"Exploiting, Innovation, More sincerely, More far" is the basis of our business philosophy. We aim at providing the best software products of system security and the most professional data security services. We hope we are able to progress together with our users.

LanderSoft has prepared for a good chance, and in which we have great confidence.