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System Integrator
Those are hardware and software system integrators who are of certain size, in the course of business, they will integrate the landersoft products to their own solutions, in which our products have complementary advantages and meet the special demands.

The Requirements for Qualification of Partner

·It should be the independent corporate entity which has registered in local industrial and commercial administration bureau;
·It should have some professional knowledge and be willing to promote Lander Products in their industry;
·It should have a good prestige in their local area and industry;
·Its registered capital should be 50,0000 yuan or above;
·It should be the company who has the background of software promoting or is willing to agent softwares.

The Contents of Partnership

Type of Partner
Act in the Process of Marketing

 BO----Business Opportunity

·BO: Business cooperation opportunity among protential customers, the target customers and marketing.
·S1: Business promotion and making process of contract to the target customers.
·I:Submit the customer's product service according to the formal business contract.
·S2:CSP and follow-up service of degree of satisfaction of products.

Support and Service

·Lander's flexible and individualized products, which ensure that your overall solutions have competition advantages;
·Lander's strong technical research, so that products could be customized or developed for the second time according to your solutions;
·The integrated overall solutions based on both sides' products could be spread in mutual channels.