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Financial system operational disaster recovery solution


City, county financial industry users

Needs analysis

At present, the construction of city and county finance bureau information system all over the country is gradually completed. The operational system includes many subsystem environments such as treasury payment system, payroll system, integrated office system, non-tax revenue management system and etc, each of which is key business application. Taking the requirements for reliability of business into consideration, many users have configged the dual-server environment when re-definition of system. With the increase of key business systems, they need a solution to integrate high availability.

Solution: LanderCluster—Protection for key application

In order to achieve the overall high availability and disaster recovery, high availability integration is achieved in financial system (Windows/Linux) through solution using LanderCluster multi-node software package.

A full range of PC servers and related storage environment;
Servers with external SCSI interface or fiber interface;
Per server has sufficient CPU and memory to run operating system and applications.

Operating system: Windows Server/Linux
Database: ORACLE/Sybase/Informix and etc
LanderCluster Software Package


1、 Improvement for the whole reliability
2、 Scalability
3、 Easy to manage
4、 Advanced configuration
5、 Technical support services


Integration for Jiangsu Taicang finance bureau business system
Through LanderCluster-MN, the key businesses of Jiangsu Taicang finance bureau, including non-tax income, middleware services, the state treasury payment and etc, are integrated in 6 IBM servers to achieve multi-server active-active cluster under the complicated environments, which include Windows, Linux, SCO unixware, SCO OpenServer and so on.

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