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Lander Service Support Center
  The application and protection of data is crucial for an enterprise, which needs support and service of the special team.       As the leading supplier and provider for HA and Cluster software, LanderCluster offers the best software, meanwhile, the level and quality of service of Lander are consistently recognized by users. Lander combines international advanced technology with local service experience to provide customers with the biggest promoting value and wonderful service experience.
  1. Technical support for products

    Any problem encountered in the process of using LanderCluster products, you could get lifetime remote technical support via telephone, e-mail, online chatting tools, It includesDownloads,Channels,Skills,FAQ,White Paper and etc. Contact Support to solve these problems.

  2. Products update and Function ordering

    Please inform us of your new changeable requirements, Lander will try our best to meet your demand by continuously improving our products, and we hope to grow with you. Feedback and Function ordering.

  3. Design and implement the solution of storage backup

    Our professional team could tailor the solution for you according to your requirements. All you need to do is to submit your demands. We will deliver the proposal as soon as possible. Upon your confirmation, we will also guide you how to setup and config it.

  4. Support on the scene

    We are also happy to come to your scene to solve the disaster recovery and cluster related problems, and you could contact us by email, telephone, MSN/QQ/ICQ and so on.。

Technical Support for Products
   If you meet with problems in using the products, LanderSoft will support you in accordance with standard support protocol, and you could get Lander’s technical support by the following ways.
  1. Look up help document of software

    All the problems you might come across are listed in the products help document, you could get an answer through the catalogs or search.

  2. Browse the catalog of ‘Service support’ in

    It includes the contents such as download, users & channels area, directory, FAQ, using skills, white paper of products. You could obtain the information you need by the menu on the left.

  3. Lander Customer Service Center

    We are very pleasure to answer all your questions at any time, you can contact us by email, telephone, MSN/QQ/ICQ and so on.